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Rock5's Donation page

#1 Post by rock5 » Sat Jul 20, 2013 12:47 am

If you want to show your appreciation for any assistance I've provided you in the past or for the work I've done on the bot, please consider making a small donation to me.

Why should you donate.

I’m not working at the moment (which is why I’m able to spend so much time on the bot and this forum) so funds are always tight. I’m getting to the point now, though, that I find myself needing to turn my focus on other money making ideas but I find that I don’t enjoy them as much as I do working on the bot and helping users on this forum. Even just a few donations a month would help me to continue improving the bot and helping you guys.

What you will get if you donate.

I will never require users to make a donation to receive my help. It may take some time but, if I can, I will help you until you have a working solution that satisfies your needs. But to make it worth your while, any donations to me will ensure I will answer your posts and give your questions priority and I will be more likely to write code and make changes for you so instead of just giving you instructions on what to do or try. So a donation will help get you to your solution quicker. Of course the more you donate the more gratitude you will receive and the longer it will last.

Note: this is not a donation to the website or the bot. To donate to the website or bot, use the donate buttons at the top of most pages. Those donations will go to Administrator who is the initial creator of rombot.

Please include your solarstrike username in the paypal donation page so I know who to give my "gratitude" to.

Thank you.
  • Please consider making a small donation to me to support my continued contributions to the bot and this forum. Thank you. Donate
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