Anything is possible! [I hate my ISP]

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Anything is possible! [I hate my ISP]

#1 Post by Mesosmagnet » Thu Jan 22, 2009 9:55 am

I hate my ISP. I stay in Malaysia and I subscribe to a 2Mbps line which cost me approx. USD20(converted) per month. It would be fine if it was actually providing 2Mbps but my internet speed has never even touched the 1Mbps marker. I call them up and they say this "the 2Mbps is based on best effort, so we cannot guarantee you 2Mbps".

Now to my question. How do I bypass my ISP and get onto the internet directly?

Obviously by my question you would have realized that I have very limited knowledge about the internet and its workings.
What I know is that the internet is just a network of many servers worldwide. There is no single country or cooperation that OWNs the internet. So there would be no harm in me accessing it without having to go through an ISP. yes?

However, landlines and satellites ARE owned by companies and countries so accessing them without permission would be wrong. But, since I am already up to my waist in borderline illegal activities, I dont see how the knowledge of more could hurt.

As far as I know, my PC connects to my ISP providers router which them reroutes me to the router of the server on which the webpage I want to view is on, thus allowing me to view the webpage. So now if that is true all I have to do is to find a way to directly connect to the router of the server on which the webpage I want to view is on, allowing me to bypass all bandwith limitations which my ISP has set.

ps. Please discuss. I have searched but I have not found a reliable place to talk about this topic. Nearly everywhere everyone is just saying "if you want free internet just go to a free wifi zone", "it is illegal to connect without an ISP", "build your own satellite"< best answer yet...and so on. I chose to post this here because the community is small and knowledgeable. I would prefer ideas and suggestions. Or if you are certain it is impossible, state your reasons why.
will come back in a months time to see how much this topic has developed.

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Re: Anything is possible! [I hate my ISP]

#2 Post by Administrator » Thu Jan 22, 2009 10:31 am

Unfortunately, I don't think anybody here can be of much more help. The only way to connect to the internet without an ISP would be to connect directly into the internet backbone. Unless you have some valid reason to do so (which no residential connection would qualify for), it won't happen. Plus, there are some restrictions at the government level.

I'm not sure about how it is handled where you live, but in the USA each ISP is partitioned an area (legalized monopoly is all it is). They are assigned a certain IP range to then hand out to their customers. Each country also has a broader range of usable IP addresses.

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Re: Anything is possible! [I hate my ISP]

#3 Post by 3cmSailorfuku » Thu Jan 22, 2009 7:31 pm

You can't. And you won't be.

The Problems with your connections may be, because of the enviroment where your house is, is really important and can decide how much of the speed you really get.
Its a bit more complicated than that, but I explained it the easiest. In other words, it's a hardware problem which you can't solve, except by moving.

Also, I've got a 100mbit (about 12mb/s) connection here, costs 25€ a month including (-phone)flaterate,fastpath etc. Why is it so expensive in other countries?

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Re: Anything is possible! [I hate my ISP]

#4 Post by Mesosmagnet » Fri Jan 23, 2009 9:46 am

In Malaysia our internet service is monopolized by only one company(was under government but they privatized it and WHOOSH prices soared). Because there is NO competition AND the internet is essential to us, they really squeeze every last cent out of our pockets. I currently do not even have my own IP address, its not a dynamic address either. I share the same IP with my whole condo block, with my own port( or something like that ).
Thus they charge me RM60 per month (approx. USD20). While if I were to have a dynamic but non-sharing IP I would have been charged approx USD27 per month. USD7 doesnt look like much but converted it is like 20+ our money.

Jz me complaining...

Anyway, I was wondering... if I can only get coverage if there is an ISP to provide me with the do I get internet connection if I stay on an uninhabited island( haha very random i know ). Would an ISP provider allow me access their connection through satellite?(as there would obviously be no land lines). Just some randomness to think about :P

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Re: Anything is possible! [I hate my ISP]

#5 Post by Zephyr » Sat Jan 24, 2009 1:59 pm

For remote internet you would have to use Sat. Unless there is some kind of fiber line on the island to allow of other types of connections.

As for your 2Mbit connection not getting to that speed. You most likely have a ADSL connection of sorts. If there is static or some sort of short on the line it will cause the speeds to drop. This can be fixed by replacing bad phone cabling or removing splitters in the house. But if it is anything like the US you are also confined to a small radius from the main telco box for the area. If I recall it is 5 Miles(at least here). So if you are on the edge of that limit there is nothing that can really be done.

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Re: Anything is possible! [I hate my ISP]

#6 Post by vorless » Sun Jan 25, 2009 2:29 pm

It really depends on where you live, my connection is 1Gbps (corporate connection). My girlfriend has 100mbps connection, which most people in the US have, but I have a friend that lives in the mid west and he gets like a max of 10mbps. Geography my friend. P.S. I live in the NJ, USA.

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