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Below is a listing of user functions collected from the forums. Below that is a separate list for other relevant files that are not specifically user functions. Please remember that when adding items to the lists to also include a page for the relevant item, detailing it's usage, download, functions, details and the like.


Name: The name of the script. Click the name to go to the script's specific page.

Description: A brief description of the script.

Version: The version of the script stored here.

LKC Version: The Last Known Compatiable Version, or the last revision of RoMbot this is known to work for.

Author: The creator of the script.

User Functions List

To download refer to the linked pages.

Name Description Version LKC Version Author
Rock5's Mail Mods General purpose mail handling functions. 1.52 Unknown rock5
Rock5's catchCavy script Function to catch cavies. 1.02 Unknown rock5
Rock5's Fusion Control Functions Functions for controlling the fusion addon and related functions. 0.1 Unknown rock5
Teleport Addon A script to use a hacked teleport, it's a memory hack so It can't be used for long distances. It is currently used to provide teleporting inside Miller's Ranch in a file I created (Distance<129). Other Zones/Instances may have a different "rubber-band" threshold. (thx to fobsauce) 1.2 r549 jduartedj
Use Food USAGE: UseFood(_foodname[,_buffname]) _foodname is the name of the food and _buffname is meant to use when the buff hasn't got the same name as the food (e.g. house maid foods), note that this works for anything else you need to use and produces a buff. 1.00 r551 jduartedj
showDQ This simple code Is used to print how many dailies you have left to do. It also may create an ingame macro. I find it useful to spam this while doing dailies so I know how far along am I at a simple glimpse of the screen. USAGE: showDQ([slot_nr,macro_name]) 2.00 r553 jduartedj
swapClass Swaps classes at an NPC. This code was submitted to me by raff, I only made small changes to it so I give him full credit for it. Hasn't been tested by me. 2.0 N/A raff & jduartedj
lootBodies When called tries to loot all lootable bodies in range. * Obsolete. Built into bot as of revision 597 * 1.1 r554 rock5
UseGoodie Helps using housemaid potions, foods and should work also for other consumables. V3 Unknown JDuarteDJ & Giram
track player Records player info to a file. Can be adapted to record itemcount and much more. Easily used for multiboting. 1.1 N/A lisa
gameText This is used to print any kind of message to the game. for detailed info see the topic. USAGE: gameText(msg[,kind,channel,color,item]) 1.00 r560 jduartedj
QuestByName This is usefull to accept/complete quests by their quest name or parts of it. 1.00 r570 JackBlonder
Guild Donation This userfunction will Donate your resources to your guild. 1.2 Unknown lisa
Plant Care This userfunction is for the caring of plants in your house. 1.4 Unknown lisa

Other Files

To download refer to the linked pages.

Name Description Version LKC Version Author
Unknown Gift Grind A waypoint file with the sole purpose of mass accepting and decorating the Snowflake Tree 1.00 r549 jduartedj
Teleport Miller's Ranch Golden Eggs A waypoint file Modded from rock5's golden eggs script that uses teleport hack, and is made to optimize the duration of the script, also delivers now! 1.2 r562 jduartedj
Miller's Ranch Eggs Script Accepts and completes quest, collects feed sacks, feeds chickens, helps them lay and collects the eggs. 2.0 r513 rock5
Miller's Ranch Milk Script Accepts and completes quest, collects grass, feeds goat and collects milk. 1.2 r472 rock5
Autologin Options for auto login and character selection. 1.3.1 r464 rock5
Autologin 1.31 with boxes Options for auto login and character selection wit account boxes. 1.3.1 r464 swietlowka
Assist_asHealer Waypointfile to let a healer assist the party. 0.1 r554 JackBlonder
Advanced Teleport Miller's Ranch Golden Eggs Waypoint files to collect a given number of fresh eggs before delivering the quest based on jduaredj's script 1.11 r561 T_Zero
FDB Extractor and ROM .db LanguageFile Converter/Viewer fdb file extractor and db language converter/viewer n/a n/a rock5