"Naruto Online" hack, search for team ( friends ) for unite

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"Naruto Online" hack, search for team ( friends ) for unite

#1 Post by GetandGel » Fri Sep 29, 2017 8:38 pm

Hi all! ( i'm not native english speaker, sorry for mistakes ) I try to hack MMORPG flash ( forum block url, so google: 101xp naruto online ) but i have difficulties with that. All look like timestamp ( forum block even link to wiiki :D , google it) protection. I explain, look at figure one attachment.
Let's do simle test's, i move from same coordinates to same coordinates:
214,54 -> 217,53 and back 217,53 -> 214,54 - as you can see, we have same values except one number. ( orange color )
I have disconnect when i try to send any packet ( except when i recieve errors after sent ) , even when i try to "catch" "timestamp". For example, last move have 67 value "timestamp", as in screenshot, and i change packet "timestamp" value to 71 or 69 or 68 still disc. When i try send already sent out packet = disc.
I try look at "timestamp" to discover something usefull - If wait some time, "timestamp" change, for some value, but i didn't find any correlations between seconds or minutes and "timestamp". But i don't feed into this many time, maybe they have strange algorytm like - increment hex value + 1, after 123 seconds and 321 ms.
Also i try Charles, but totally not effective.
BTW: Am i right with site and topic? are this place with people who connect to this, interested with something like that?
PS: Please say me about my grammar and any mistakes you will find, thank you VERY MUCH :3
PS 2: For effective talk about this, you will need try all this by yourself;
ps3: i use IE ( with admin. right ), wpe pro ( system prev. granted ), windows 10 - x64.
Figure one

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