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Forum Rules

Posted: Sat Jan 05, 2008 5:52 pm
by Administrator
These rules will be carried out across this entire forum. Disobeying the rules may result in a warning or ban.
  • 1. This forum is for a mature audience. This means you should be of legal age in your country to view potential adult material. 18+ in the US.

    2. No "flaming" or discriminative posts. Ever. This may expand to usernames, avatars or links (i.e. do not use a swastika in your avatar). Being overly aggressive towards others will probably result in a warning, but may be considered bannable.

    3. Type like an adult. That means not posting 'sentences' like "lul hay guise can i has a hax plox." This will not result in a ban, but I reserve the right to make fun of you.

    4. Do not spam or flood the forum. This includes asking the same question across multiple sub-forums, even if the content is not exactly the same. You may be warned if this is excessive. If you have a prior warning, you may be banned.

    5. Do not post wares or links to wares.

    6. Do not post viruses/malware or links to viruses/malware. This will be an instant permanent ban.

    7. Do not post private details of yourself or others under any circumstances. This means, do not post your name, age, gender, birthday, pet's favorite playtoy, etc.

    8. Always use code tags. Whether it be 1 line or 100,000. If you're posting code, precede it by [code] and end it with [/code]. Example:
    [code]printf("Hello World");[/code]

    9. All thread titles must contain useful keywords. Titles such as "I need help!" aren't useful.

    10. No advertising without the Administrator's permission first.

    11. Do not post screenshots of text errors. Really, it doesn't help. Additionally, read and understand an error before asking for help with it.

    12. Do not attempt to trick users into clicking useless links. This includes, but is not limited to, links that you receive payment from (ie. pay-per-click/view advertising) or "games" that give you points (in one form or other) based on how many people follow your reference link. You may link to sites that contain links to these things so long as the information given on these pages is relevant (ie. provides useful information to the viewer).

    13. This is not a site for selling or trading of game accounts, items, etc. Do not use it as such.

    14. Use the forum search. It's there for a reason. Please stop creating threads for things that have been answered 1,000 times already.

Re: Forum Rules

Posted: Wed Dec 29, 2010 9:46 pm
by jduartedj
Shoudn't this be locked?

Anyway I'd like to suggest that it is included in the post, the rules to be used in the wiki and to post addons/scripts/etc... like rock5 said, the files should be updated in the first thread, each should have it's own thread, and those sort of this. either that or create another announcement for this information. :P