SSL now available.

The site is now accessible over SSL. For those of you that are security conscious, you can use to browse with encryption.

New server

Sorry about the downtime. Transferring everything over to a new server took longer than expected as everything that could possibly go wrong, did. Uploading backups failed, DNS failed to propagate properly, Cloudflare went down for awhile and then failed to follow the given configurations, Laravel did not want to play nicely with the software, and the list goes on.

Anyways, all done for now. Unfortunately, I won't be able to roll-out those updates for the main website just yet. The good news is that the new server responds much more quickly and so navigating the site should be much more snappy. The main page renders about 2.5x faster! Once PHP is updated to 5.4, the main page will receive another update to improve visuals as well as functionality.

MicroMacro 2 alpha build

Several months ago, I had announced that I started working on MicroMacro 2. Things were going together very quickly. Now, it is in a somewhat usable state but could use some testing. I'm interested to see what suggestions you guys might have as well.

[size=150:36subgca]Note that this is not compatible with RoM-bot! If you try to run MicroMacro 1 scripts on MicroMacro 2, it will fail.[/size:36subgca]

Git on Google Code:
Documentation and examples on wiki:

Example screenshot:
[attachment=1:36subgca] mockup.png [/attachment:36subgca]

If you're interested in experimenting with it, feel free to download a copy and read the wiki. I'm aware that there's not enough information to fully explain all the big changes that have happened so I think perhaps any questions you might have will help me to write up some more tutorials targeted at what you need to know.

Announcing: MicroMacro 2 comming...eventually

For awhile now, I've been planning and discussing the future of MicroMacro with the other RoMBot script developers. Over the years as the project has grown, its weaknesses have been exposed. As such, a complete rewrite is in order. The very core of the project is getting reorganized to fit a better pattern.

Why all the work, you ask? Because it needs to be done. Too many patches and bad practices have been applied, and now it is time to fix it. The planned changes are well worth the effort. That and large chunks of code can be salvaged (although will require some reworking).

Easier development; quicker to add new modules and functionality
Cleaner code; Both the C++ code and Lua scripts will be easier to follow
Removing old, deprecated stuff, replacing with new shiny stuff
Improved efficiency and error checking
Lots of new features (I'll detail what's planned some other time)

While it is still quite some time off yet, I figure you guys might like to know what's going on behind the scenes. The latest (stable) version of MicroMacro will still be available and supported after completion.

So... DDoS?

Noticed a pretty sudden spike in bandwidth usage today. About 10 times normal. And 99% of it coming from Indonesia. As a result, I've banned some IP ranges that were involved. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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